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The Stage is Set 40,000 feet above sea level, A Twist on the world's oldest sport, Competed in a Weightlessness Simulator, Also known as A: 

             "Parabola Plane"


Each Period includes 2o seconds of hypo-Vertical load Factor (VLF), and 40 seconds of 1.8 VLF

Season 1 Athletes:

Parabola plane.jpeg

"Unfinished Business"

Post NCAA Cancellation of Collegiate wrestling Championships, could-have-been ncaa contenders have a chance to earn their opportunity for recognition for a historic new tournament 


Current Viewers' BUNDLES

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"Airshow"                                                   $30


Viewer's Access to all six fights                                                   (Beginning September 18th, 2020)


20% Discounted Rates on merchandise

Free Sticker Pack

"Preflight Checklist"                      $130



Viewer's Access to Athlete Unveiling & Lead up events

       (Beginning July 18th, 2020)

Complimentary T-Shirt

All perks of "Airshow" Package

"Standby"                     BiddinG Begins At $1300

Exclusive Inflight, "Ringside" Access! 

Only 5 available! Auction Ends June 15th, 2020

All Perks of "Airshow" and "Preflight Checklist" Packages      

Current Investor Packages
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"Toy Model"                                         $300


Viewer's Access to All Fights and promotional events


.07% Equity in Growth Shares, Voting rights at annual Shareholder Meeting

142 available

"Wings"                                                   $3000


Exclusive Access to Athlete Unveiling & Lead up events

.8% Equity In growth shares, Voting rights at annual shareholder meeting


30 Available

"Now boarding"                             $30000

Exclusive Inflight, "Ringside" Access! 

9% Equity in growth shares, voting rights at annual shareholder meeting and quarterly board meeting

3 Available


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