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This is an open letter to whomever is reading,

The past few years have been full of work towards Variable Gravity Athletics. We've accomplished a considerable amount, and are prepping for a future full of work.

2016: Company files via the Minnesota Secretary of State as LLC and Corporation, opens account with SAM (System of Award Management) and DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System). Applies for NIAC (NASA Innovative Advanced Concept) grant. Attends Airventure and receives supportive reviews from astronauts Charlie Precourt & Kent Rominger. Drafts concepts for the Motorbar Opens up office in Silicon Valley, California. Designs spaceman logo for gymnastronautics

2017: Imports motor for motorbar, begins assembly of components at test site. Orders spaceman lapel pins & stickers and embroiders clothing. Presents motorbar concept in poster and speech at American Society for Gravitational & Space Research Meeting. Presents at World Acrobatics Society meeting. Presents and works at International Gymnastics Federation's World Gymnastics Championships in Montreal, Canada. Begins working at gymnastics club adjacent to Shanghai Science & Technology Museum.

2018: Continues training near Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, inspiring children in athletics, arts, and sciences. Celebrating Children's Day (儿童节)in Yinchuan, Ningxia with gymnastics club there. Attending Chinese National Gymnastics Championships in Xuchang, Henan. Meeting with Chinese Olympic Champions. Developing logo and creating lapel pins and stickers. Presenting at International Space Station Research & Development Conference, talking about lunar sports with Billionaire, Robert Bigelow. Presenting at American Society for Gravitational & Space Research. Inducting Astronaut Alan Bean into the World Acrobatics Society. Beginning Job in 

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