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For Whom It May Concern,

     I’m searching for opportunities to accelerate my ventures in the industries of gymnastics. Currently, I spend between 35 & 55 hours per week at California Sports Center (CSC) in San Jose, CA.  I’m a national mens’ gymnastics coach there, certified by 19 years of training in an intensive coast-to-coast program with USA Gymnastics.

Gymnastics gyms are great for opening doors for tech. Through CSC & the San Jose State University Gymnastics Club, I’ve been introduced to many employees of Tesla Energy, the company Elon Musk is accelerating sustainable transport with.

     One of my gymnastics projects involves a motor similar to the ones Tesla automobiles have. With it, I’m focused on developing a fun system of artificial gravity for gymnast astronauts. This ‘motorbar' is rotating bar which the gymnast hangs onto. If the bar spins fast, and the gymnast is safely on the bar spinning fast, then they feel angular momentum, similar to ‘G-force.’ After pitching this idea to a NASA post-doc fellow/my advisor, Dr. David Warmflash, he added the idea how trampolines could make this into a fun sport. I’m chasing this niche in the extreme sports market. There are terrestrial mediums to simulate this environment, and I’m confident you’ll be aware of them soon.

     This venture has taught me great lessons in the business world. I have other references/advisors including olympic gymnasts, gym owners, and other NASA affiliates,  I’m working out logistics for delivery of a custom 750 lb gear motor being imported directly (via Alibaba) from a manufacturer in Zhejiang, China, a province where I was recently offered a job to teach gymnastics in. I’m branding with marketable clothing and our sales will be opening on November 1st! We'll provide opportunities for sales on this website & Deary's Gymnastics Supply.


     A project not listed on my website is my endeavors for magnetic levitation gymnastics equipment. Mag lev equipment might not be practical, but building a miniature maglev springboard kit which could be distributed and assembled by gymnasts all around the world is one of my objectives. It will teach basics in physics, electricity, and manufacturing and be something a kid will cherish throughout their years.

     This year I attended the World Acrobatics Society Congress, the World Gymnastics Championships, and will be presenting the motorbar to the American Society for Gravitational & Space Research on November 25th. I’m hoping to showcase the motorbar in its orbital application to coincide with the 2020 Olympics. I enjoy strengthening our world’s connections, and hope to contribute greatly to humanity

                      With honor in the spirit of Citius, Altius, Fortius,

Daniel Casey Gove

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