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The Motor Bar

  • A vertical bar attached to a motor. With a spark it spins!

  • Has a cylindrical or multiplanar trampoline for exciting release & regrasp skills

  • Can be implemented as terrestrial training apparatus for Low Earth Orbit or outer space

This ^ video illustrates basic kinematics

Illustrated above & below are designs for two harness rigs, which are a spinning harness and sliding harness.  Both allow for support when accelerating. I still must figure out a breakaway/release system for the the spinning harness.

Apparatus can be custom designed to appeal to demographics

This design ^ is an inflatable motorbar rig for easier transport but less visibility (bungee straps not pictured yet) The trampoline design is a fun on to figure out!

This design^ calls for a steel/aluminum trampoline rig, although this will only be necessary in some scenarios... The designs must be tuned

Obviously proper matting is integral, as is a net system

(net system not pictured yet)

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