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Skill Presentation

Original skill presentation to International Gymnastics Federation.

Exemplifying creativity from ski, parkour, circus & dance culture.



Learning from mistakes and proving the way

Collaborating with Muirskate, Muscle Up MisFits, and USA Gymnastics

Traveling & networking around USA

Creative Concerto & Motion Picture

Illustrating the evolution of gymnastics and music for all.

Character Development...
It's a love story, autobiography, educational tool, and route 

Assembling team of stakeholders, gymnasts, and artists.

Arranging international business plan

Composing & organizing fundraising performances


Natural Rock Holds

Granite & Quartz provide a natural and authentic feel while climbing

Starting up a summer business.
Developing prototypes :D

Selling rock holds as a fundraiser

Sky's Too Low

Low Gravity is a game changer

Building relations with stakeholders and mentors

Facilitating gymnastics camp on Moon

CAD progress posted here

Entertaining astronauts & offsetting atrophy, intracranial pressure, & osteoporosis by developing space module with Dr. Warmflash, Dr. Bill Sands, Ryan Yen, Mark Simacek, & others.

Drafting collapsible drone & harbors in tablets, phones, phone cases, and wearable tech & developing video recognition algorithm

Daniel Gove Foundation

Working with students in gymnastics and music in Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington. 

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