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People talk:

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"Daniel has been a great coach for both boys. He communicates well with both students and parents. He displays leadership and role modeling. Both boys skill level have increased under Daniels coaching."

"We love coach Daniel. He does a great job controling the group, following through and teaching skills along with respect."

"Danny proved to be a great mentor for my son and the other boys in the rec program. It was obvious that the boys looked up to Danny every time he was with them."

"Coach Daniel is a fantastic teacher! He handled the group of 3 young boys with a lot of poise and patience. The other moms and I appreciated how he held them to high standards in terms of respecting eachother and working together. Johnny learned a lot and had a ton of fun."


"Coach Daniel maintains good balance between gymnastics instruction and encouraging the children to enjoy themselves. Finn has learned a lot of poitions and movements. He Loves gymnastics and Coach Daniel. Thanks!"

"Starting wrestling as a 9th grader was a harsh introduction. But Dan outworked and outperformed many veterans. Also his positive attitude and sense of humor made him a welcome addition to the team. [...] He is independent, resourceful, and imaginative. I have seeen him use these resources creatively when coaching all ages and levels of kids. [...] He knows why he does a skill or procedure and he can break it down into understandable parts."

"Danny Gove He is the best!!!"

"Hussayn has had such a great experience in Daniel's class. Hussayn is able to focus and push himself w/ Daniel's teaching style. He is very patient and very creative in how he engages the kids & keeps them motivated. He knows how to make class fun and challenging. Hussayn's self confidence has really increased since Daniel's class!"


"Daniel is an amazing coach and role model. His way with children is very special and it's obvious he loves what he does. What a gift to have my son learn from him!"

"As an educator I quickly noted Daniel’s passion for teaching gymnastics as well as his respectful, nurturing and engaging approach with students. He is a clear and effective communicator and offers students detailed and thoughtful feedback on their performance to enable improvement. I also noted how quickly students were drawn to Daniel’s warm and caring character. They enjoyed his balance of humor and his clearly stated, high learning standards.Based on my observations of Daniel working with the gymnastic students, and after I discovered he was also a skilled upright bass player, I invited him to be a bass coach for my school orchestra, knowing that he would be an excellent role model for my students. Daniel stepped into that mentoring role with ease and made an immediate positive impact on the the bass player culture at my school. He is focused, conscientious, uses his initiative and is always very polite and respectful in his interactions with both adults and children.Daniel is both a passionate and skilled sportsman (gymnastics and skateboarding) and a creative and thoughtful musician, but what stands out to me most about Daniel is his desire to always improve, challenge himself and strive for the best. These skills, along with his effective communication skills, reliability and approachability make him an outstanding role module and educator for young students as well as a excellent colleague. Daniel comes highly recommended from me."


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