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Basically, UAViators are eyewear with a drone docking to them. This drone enables hands free selfies. 

It was cool to be featured on Jim Demun's Youtube Channel!
Thanks Jim!

We're glad to be partnering with Women And Drones (

This is our Norweigen friend sporting our logo! 

We've already sold a few T-Shirts

"Dude that's a dope idea, I love it. Definitely a lot of awesome applications for something like that."
 -Josiah Tullis, Canary Co-Founder & CEO

The drone must fly from eyewear and snap a photo. Preplanned routes can be implimented in order to reduce the necessary processing. These drones must also be able to tranfer the photo to smartphones...   How do we coordinate simultaneous localization & mapping, minimum snap trajectories, & other processes with efficient and minimal hardware?
Our designs considerations depend on range of vision, aesthetics, comfort, fluidity of flight, & thrust to weight ratio.

The early prototypes are bulky... But so were the first cell phones. 
Our future glasses designs can include Heads-Up-Display

With time, drones can be implemented in other items. such as helmets, phones, tablets, & cases. Fly Nixie is working on a drone watch, and James Young added a drone to his prosthetic
Future concept models would be outfitted with microphones, cameras, rangefinders, facial recognition, video monitors, laser dazzlers, etc...

Google's Soli could facilitate this





















We are inspired by nature, as we want to minimize the design enough to fit on eyelashes! Our drones can be three millimeters, the size of a fruitfly!  















We are patent pending and will soon be featured on

We have a distribution channel lined up with Target​ Corp

We're incorporated in Minnesota, and are now accepting outside investments. Now's a great time to invest, because if we are awarded our patent, we will considerably increase in value.

Our previously owned is now being offered for more 900x what we bought it for!

"Siri, Snap a Selfly"

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